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送料無料新品 時間指定不可 KSKshape UNDERWEAR レディース

KSKshape UNDERWEAR レディース


KSKshape UNDERWEAR レディース




1. 柔らかく滑らかな生地が、通気性と快適なシェルを実現。


3. 取り外し可能、調節可能なストラップ。

4. コットンマチで浴室での使用が簡単。

5. オープンバスト。


1. 即座に魅力的な砂時計の形を構築。

2. ウエストラインと背中の膨らみを目立たなくします。

3. お腹のトーン。

4. バストと背中を持ち上げます。

5.360 ファームコントロールで減量を促進。



♥ 手洗い推奨☺

KSKshape UNDERWEAR レディース

I am wearing it for the last 2 days and so far it's the most comfortable shape wear I hv tried. Good support on tummy n lower abdomen. I m 5.3 n 147 lb medium was a good fit. Not that it will give you a different skinny mid..but will keep those loose muscle look less obvious. Eye n hook closer was no issue for me..but if you hv longer torso then it might.
It’s quite comfortable and easy to get on. I found it to be quite see through, not like the photo shows. It doesn’t hold you in like a waist trainer, it’s about 50% holding and 50% just smoothing out. The hooks for the bottom didn’t seem to bother me either, they are on the loosest hook. It’s a lot more comfortable than a waist trainer, so I guess it just depends on what compression your looking for.
I was hoping for more of a extra slimming effect. Being a mother of 2 our body takes a toll on us and we always seem to carry around the mommy pouch. I would say it slimmed the back fast but there was most definitely no control on the mommy pouch. Pretty disappointed and I ordered a medium to suck in everything for what I would say should have been a large for me.

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