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スパイビデオ TRAKR Spy Gear社【並行輸入】


スパイビデオ TRAKR Spy Gear社【並行輸入】



スパイビデオ TRAKR Spy Gear社【並行輸入】

I really hadn't owned an RC car of any kind since I was maybe 8 years old. At 25 years old, I decided to give them a shot and see how the world of RC cars had advanced, figuring they have to be pretty advanced.This car caught my eye because it seemed to have all the neat features someone might expect in a world of home-automation controlled with cellphones. Unfortunately, this thing didn't deliver on any front.RC cars are typically fun because they do something unique, or they're fast, or both. This car is slow. Really slow. As in, normal walking pace is way too fast for this. But it's a spy car, right? It doesn't have to be fast, but then, it should be quiet(er) than other RC cars, right? Well, it's not. It's maybe just a hair quieter than a normal RC car, which is not at all sneaky or spy-like whatsoever.The coolest feature, the ability to have the car run on its own, doesn't work for one simple reason: the starting position. Wherever you start the recording of the movement at, the car will replicate exactly. However, unless you laid out tape for the exact angle the vehicle started the recorded movement at, you will be WAY off the mark shortly. (If you're off by even a tiny bit in it's original facing, it'll be about 1 foot in the wrong direction in under 5 feet.) So, if you dreamt of having this thing scoot into your kitchen and back, or running an obstacle course on its own, forget it. It cannot replicate movement back to it's original position, and therefore will not be able to recreate any path you record for it.The available "additional" programs are basically non-existant. The website shows only the ones included, which is a hint towards the quality of this product - nobody could/wanted to make this thing do anything cool/fun.The "spy" microphone reverberates all sound too much, and sounds very "tinny". It also has bad feedback problems with the unit, so don't try to use it unless you're quite a distance from it (5-6 feet or more).The night vision mode was actually pretty neat, but the distance the IR light and receiver show, along wtih trying to use it on a screen as small as a postage stamp, makes anything over 4-5 feet at best, pretty much useless.The lense also only moves manually, which means you set it to where you want and can't remotely control where it points. What this means in reality is - set the camera low so you can see where you're going, or set it higher so you can see objects (in infrared maybe) but bump into stuff all over since you can't see directly in front of you.This is also a problem because there's a delay and massive amount of motion blur when turning. Literally, you cannot see anything when moving left and right. Meaning the camer is useless for navigating the car remotely unless you make an adjustment, move, make an adjustment.A disappointing product, but maybe someone will one day make the car that this one should have been. Pass on this one, guys and gals. It's too pricey for what amounts to a neat idea.
excellent my son loved it best Christmas present he said. Invest in rechargeable batteries though as it uses loads even Duracell don't last very long and it can prove very expensive to keep replacing them.Apps on line are fun although not used many yet.Colour screen quality is not too bad baring in mind it is a toy.Overall it is a good toy and would recommend it but shop around as prices vary we had to pay over £100 to get it before christmas.
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「みんなの介護求人」は、介護施設検索サイト「みんなの介護」を運営する、株式会社クーリエによる介護業界に特化した転職支援サービスです。「みんなの介護」は、介護従事者の約8割が知っている介護業界を代表するサイトであり、掲載施設数は業界No.1を誇ります。そして姉妹サイトであるこの「みんなの介護求人」にも、数多くの介護事業所と求人が登録されています。 サイト内では、給与・勤務地・雇用形態はもちろん、「新規オープン」や「未経験者歓迎」など、さまざまな条件から求人を検索できます。また、各求人には詳細な職場情報や施設の全景が見渡せるパノラマ画像など、オリジナルの情報を多数掲載し、あなたにピッタリの求人を探す事ができます。「みんなの介護求人」は、皆様の転職活動を必ず成功に導きます。